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Our story begins during the great depression. At that time anything which necessitated the use of money seemed a very foolish thing. However, God moved upon a man who had "forsaken all to follow Him". Mr. Robert Warland, a member of Flint First Church of the Nazarene, who had been conducting a Bible study and prayer group in the factory, felt called to start a Sunday school to reach children and adults in the Dye Community where he lived. Having secured the Dye School building as a meeting place, Sunday school was begun in the summer of 1929. After meeting in the school house for a few weeks, the desire to organize a church began to emerge. On September 5, 1929, a meeting was held at which a motion was made by Mr. Robbins and seconded by Mr. Wolfe that "we recommend to the Sunday School that they vote to organize a church". A committee was selected to call on Mr. Floyd Due to obtain a lot on which to build a church. A tent was purchased for $100.00 to be used for revivals. Committees were formed along with plans and specs for a building and ways to secure materials. While the church was being built, meetings were held in the tent placed on the corner of Corunna Road and Eggleston Street as permission to hold services in Dye school had been denied. When it was too cold to meet in the tent, Sunday school and church were held in the Warland home on Dye road. The original building often referred to as the little white church (pictured above) was framed and partially roofed in one day by faithful parishoners in 1929. West Flint Church of the Nazarene began with $32.55 in the treasury, one tent for meetings, and 12 folding chairs.

Over 85 years later, West Flint Nazarene is a thriving faith community committed to the mission of God.  We believe that God is at work to heal, redeem and restore his broken creation.  We embrace our identity as the hands and feet of Christ in the world.  As a West Flint community we are being gathered, transformed and sent out to embody and proclaim the good news.  We strive to be a church that values relationship, nurtures deep lasting faith and transforms the place we call home.